You know social media videos, like reels and stories, are on fire at the moment, your audience wants short video clips they watch on their phone. If you hate the idea of TikTok dances or following the latest fads to get views, you might think this form of content isn’t right for your business.

This isn’t the case, but you do need a helping hand.

How would you feel about having 60 reel videos that you can use immediately, without any work, on your social media feed? That would be good, but eventually, you will use all these reels, and you’ll want to give your audience something new.

So, how would you feel about getting 60 reel videos and a template that allows you to make unlimited changes to every single aspect of the video. Even if you made two or three reel videos a day, you would never run out of ways to produce an original video every single time.

It’s tough being an estate agent in 2023, and the market will be even more challenging in 2024. You need every advantage you can get, which is why this bundle, which saves you time without compromising on quality, is perfect for you.

I’ve been a freelance writer and content creator since 2008, full-time since 2011. I’ve seen ups and downs in my industry, and yours. My industry, like yours, is tough at the moment, it’s evolving rapidly, and there’s a need for professionals to stay up to date with changes.


My experience in creating brochures, websites and social media content for estate agents and agencies such as Hunters, EweMove, David Harris & Co, Coakley & Theaker, Pinkmove and so many more means I understand what estate agents want to help them connect with their audience.

I’m Andy Reilly, and I’m looking to help estate agents across the country do more for less money and less time – which is an outcome virtually every estate agent needs!

What do you get with this bundle?

You receive:

  • 60 Question and Answers which your prospective clients have for estate agents like you.
  • 60 individual reel videos, each one featuring a Question and Answer.
  • The template which allows you to amend every one of these 60 videos, and provides you with the ability to make an unlimited amount of videos

These questions and answers are the foundation of the videos, but you can use them in any way you like. Are you looking to create blog content? Take one of the questions and expand on the answer, creating blog content that answers the question, and showcases your expertise in this area.

Do you fancy the idea of making videos or even creating a podcast? Use the video as the starting point, and give an answer which provides your audience with everything they need to know.

A large part of marketing, search engine ranking, and social media engagement is about answering questions your audience has, and these 60 questions

So why 60? It’s a round number, and more importantly, it is more than one for every week of the year. You might think some of these questions aren’t right for your business, or your audience. And that’s fair enough. Any marketer who tells you estate agents is a “one size fits all” sector woefully misunderstands your business and the needs of people looking to buy or sell homes.

If you don’t like some of the Q&As, leave them out. Or change them, better suiting you and the people you want to connect with. You will hopefully still have enough for one new video a week if that is what you want.

Or why not go all in, a new video on your social platform for every day – this will boost engagement and keep people coming back for more.

And when your 60 videos run out, you make more.

This is the beauty of having the template. You can add more Q&As, making more videos as quickly as you can boil a kettle to make your morning cuppa.

With Canva Bulk Generator, you can add upload or even copy and paste a list of Q&As in, and they’ll work their magic to make your videos. You receive a worksheet taking you through every step of this, and yes, there are screenshots. Its simple.

*Everyone can use the videos, but to use the template you will need a Canva Pro account. You can set up a free Canva account on their site, and there is a free 30 day trial of the pro account, so you can access everything you need without spending any money.

Make every video unique

Now, you’re probably thinking, if a lot of estate agents buy this package, a lot of companies are going to have the same content. Well, that’s only true if everyone just uploads the 60 videos as presented. Even then, as long as no one else in your same local area or market does the same, you’ll probably be okay.

The real magic of this package though lies in the ability to customise.

This is the original video presented to you. As you see, it’s clean, it’s clear, it moves quickly, it’s less than 15 seconds, and it’s exactly the sort of thing that people would expect to see from a business like yours on Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok.

However, it might not be exactly on brand for you. If you want to change the colours involved, you can do so. If you are looking to change the font, that is a simple process too. You can change the length and speed of the video, and these changes are very easy to do. As I said, there’s a worksheet with screenshots, you’ve a helping hand.

Do you want even more changes? You’ve got it. In the main video, you’ll see a circle at the top left hand corner of the inner video. This features question marks, but you can change that. You can remove it, you can make it bigger and you can swap out the existing image for a different photo or image. This means you can add your logo, your headshot photo or a photo of your office.

No matter how many estate agents buy this package, you can customise it so people instantly know it’s from you, and promoting your business. You can add audio to the track, and here’s a big bonus, you can add voiceover to the track. Whether you record yourself talking or record your audio directly in Canva, you can give this video a personal touch like no other.

The same goes for the inner video. All 60 of the inner videos have been hand-picked by me, and all match the question and/or answer. However, you might not like the clip, and you can change it if you want. You’ll see on Canva there is a huge range of videos to choose from, all you need to do is search on a topic you think fits, choose the clip and then you drag and drop the video clip into the main video. I promise its that easy, I’m a writer, I’m certainly not a designer, but software like Canva allows me to create a wider range of content than I could do via conventional means, and this is true for you too.



However, you can even add your video footage. If you have video of your office, of your team in action, of your local area or anything you capture on your smartphone, you can add it in. Again, it’s simple, upload your video, select it, and then you drag and drop it in.

As above, no matter how many estate agents buy this package, when you add unique video footage no one else in the world will have this video. And on social media, video clips with recognisable local locations will stop people in their tracks, and have them sharing with friends, family members and colleagues.

People love seeing local areas on social media, and it has never been easy to share good quality video content with helpful information and local places.



  • The 60 Q&As in a Google Sheet
  • 60 Reel videos – downloadable from a Google Drive
  • The Canva template – allowing you to make unlimited changes
  • A PDF Tutorial sheet with walkthroughs and screenshots


I understand that when I order today I will get immediate access to my purchase. Due to the digital nature of this offer I also know that there are no refunds. After my order is complete I understand that I will receive a PDF file with links to access the Q&As sheet, the videos in the Google Drive and the Canva template.

Lastly, I understand that I will be making one payment today with NO future payments.

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