November 2023 Bumper Sale For Real Estate Agents

With Black Friday sales taking place everywhere you look at the moment, it’s no surprise to see another “stunning” offer. This is a sale, but it’s not a Black Friday sale.

This is a genuine price cut across a range of products that will help real estate agents and realtors dominate their local market in 2024. The real estate market is tough at the moment, and next year, it could be even tougher. You need to grab every advantage and scrap of help you can to boost your profile, and make sure you connect with customers, allowing you to do the work you do so well.

What problems do you have in finding new clients?

Do you need help in knowing what topics you need to cover on your website to boost your rankings and to position yourself as an expert people trust? The Topical Authority Roadmap will solve that problem for you.

Are you keen to create blogs and related social media content but don’t know where to start? The 13 Week Real Estate Agent Content Plan has everything you need to know.

Do you have a Google Business Profile account? Are you making good use of it? Whether you don’t have a GBP account (and real estate agents should have one) or its sitting limp because you are unsure of how to maximize your impact, help is available! The Realtor’s Guide to Google Business Profile Success will help you rank better when people are looking for the services you provide.

There are also two bonuses that are unavailable anywhere else!

The Realtor SEO: Winning Content Strategies for Your Local Market not only tells you how to layout content to improve your chances of ranking for the leading search terms customers use, it provides an example, it walks through that article so that you know the elements to focus on if you create other content, and tips on how to let your personality shine through.

You also receive 15 Reel type videos, each one answering a burning question that people put towards professionals like you. If you’ve no time to waste, you can upload any one of these videos directly onto your social site, and it will grab attention.

However, the real bonus of this bonus is that you also receive the Canva template, allowing you to edit every single aspect of the video.

Don’t like the font or text color? You can change it!

Would you rather have a different question or answer in the clip? Change it to whatever you like!

Do you want to place a different video clip in the background, even use a video that you made yourself of your surroundings or a property you have listed? This is a drag and drop task, it’s so easy.

Do you want to remove the audio and replace it with another track that is more you? You can do that, you can remove the audio and drop in or record you talking over the clip! You know a touch of personalization is vital for realtors and agents to connect with their audience, and this template provides you with a platform to make a few small tweaks, and have a video that is perfectly you, and like no other agent’s video in the world!

So how much does all of this cost?

As said, it’s a sale, but it’s not a Black Friday sale. It’s a sale because illness and a change in work circumstances have placed me in a difficult position. However, with all my years of experience in helping real estate agents and realtors (since 2008), I have expertise and assets that I can sell.

My misfortune and predicament is to your benefit. That’s life, at times, some people are up while others are down. I’m hoping that if you purchase this, that’ll get me back on more even ground, which means you’ll be up and I’ll be up! Who doesn’t love a win:win story?

So, the three main packages that are currently available can be bought for a grand total of $111. I don’t have a price for the two main bonuses, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to add a further $34, taking the price for the five separate packages you receive to $145.

But, as I’ve said, I’m in a situation, and there’s no time to mess about. That is why this package is available for $37. The bundle won’t be available forever, it will be removed on the 1st of December 2023, so consider it a November Bundle to help real estate agents and realtors make plans to be a smashing success in 2024!

What do you really get?

Okay, you’ve had a lot of information thrown at you, let’s look at the individual packages in more detail.

The Topical Authority Roadmap: The Real Estate Agent’s Blueprint

  • 30 topics the search engines expect highly regarded real estate agents to feature on their site.
  • Around 30-sub topics for each topic, ensuring you have comprehensive coverage of the services you offer.
  • 150 content briefs ensuring you or your choice of writer make the most compelling showcase of your skills.
  • 300 content suggestions across a broad range of mediums and platforms which means you deliver content where your audience is, and where you can connect with them.
  • This product alone will provide you with the platform for a content-filled 2024 that will help you grow awareness in what you do, showcase your capabilities compared to other local agents, and help you win instructions.

13 Week Real Estate Agent Content Plan

  • 13 blogs – A new blog for every week of the 13 week campaign – all created to help you connect with your audience.
  • 13 scripts – Whether you create videos or audio content, you’ll have the ideal script to accompany your blog content, and get more clicks.
  • 234 Social Media Pieces – Many of these pieces are copy and paste so you get maximum engagement from little work – and everything is on point with your blog content.

The Realtor’s Guide to Google Business Profile Success

  • A step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up your Google Business Profile account as a real estate agent, with screenshots and suggestions
  • A breakdown of why GBP is so important for professionals like you today, and in 2024
  • Examples of business descriptions that will help you stand out for all the right reasons
  • The preferred size for all the images you need to share – and you need to share images on your GBP account
  • How to manage your account and what updates you should offer to engage and connect with your audience, and stand yourself apart from the agents who only share information that a client could get from Zillow anyway!
  • The best way to deal with reviews, positive and negative – How you deal with negative reviews can make or break your reputation on GBP, but they’re also an opportunity for you
  • Troubleshooting the common problems people have with GBP
  • Outside-of-the-box tips to get more reviews that work…and that many real estate agents aren’t using
  • A checklist of everything you need to set up and maintain your GBP account

The Realtor’s Guide to Winning Content Strategies

  • The key factors you need on a local content or service page for your website
  • A worked example of this local service page
  • A breakdown of this local service, explaining why each aspect is necessary, and how you can write your own
  • Analysis of factors like meta descriptions, image text, Schema Markups and other things which SEO experts bamboozle you with – You’ll have worked examples and explanations to ensure you really know what you need, and what to do next
  • Tips for creating content that is true to you, and your audience

15 Reels Videos

  • You’ll get 15 Q&As  that are amongst the most burning questions professionals like you receive
  • 15 done-for-you videos that you can use immediately
  • The template for all these videos (for Canva Pro) allows you to change every single aspect so you can create videos that are 100% tailored for you and your customers

That’s more than enough content to keep you busy, and your audience informed and entertained through to 2025 and beyond, never mind into the New Year!

More About Me

Okay, I’ve told you about my current predicament driving the sale of this great value package, but that’s not me, this is:

I’m Andy Reilly, and I’ve been a content writer and creator since 2008! (Eeek.) There have been many changes in the industry since I started, but quality content still matters. I have worked with many estate agents and realtors across America, helping deliver content that wins instructions online, on social platforms, and even in printed format!

I am hands-on with everything I do, so if you are looking for content that is still driven by humans, I have what you are looking for.

Who is this package for?

Real estate agents and realtors who want to give themselves the very best chance of success in 2024, and moving forward from there.

No matter your experience in the role, the type of clients you serve, and what you want to achieve, I am 100% convinced you will more than receive your money’s worth from this package.

At $37, you have the chance to silence writers block forever, while giving you the platform to achieve success with your website, with your social media platforms, and with Google Business Profile. 

These are often the areas that many realtors struggle with. When it’s you being you, you’re great at it, but you need a helping hand to ensure the rest of your business matches you in terms of delivering quality.

You have a fantastic chance to cover all the bases, and connect with prospective clients, driving you onto success in 2024.

November 2023 Bumper Sale For Real Estate Agents